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Ever feel like the world is changing faster than it used to? That’s because it is.  As we enter into National Science Week, WiTWA takes a look at some new research coming out of Australia and what it might mean for the future of work. 1970’s New York Times bestseller and gripping read Future Shock … Read more

Overcoming self doubt and landing a new job: How Caitlin benefited from being an Award nominee

Wow! What a blast we had on Friday 30 October at the Optus Stadium. Did anyone ask you why the bridge and the stadium was lit up in purple? We are so proud that we were able to shine such a bright light to celebrate these amazing women in tech [+] in style. This year … Read more

Julia Gillard banner image

On Thursday 23 July, WiTWA had the pleasure of dialling in alongside about 700 attendees to host a highly anticipated webinar with post-politics Julia Gillard. To say we were excited would be… well… a little bit of an understatement. So what did the queen of the iconic ‘Misogyny Speech’ have to say about female leadership?   … Read more

What does it mean to be nominated and win an award? And what about self nominating and backing yourself?

When it comes to inclusivity – WiTWA is up there with the best, it is pretty much our catch cry. As it is something we strive towards and champion in the world around us, we recoil at the thought of getting it wrong.   We’ve all observed the bemoaning of political correctness and the high emotions … Read more

Let us showcase the amazing role model you are to inspire and empower others to follow.

WiTWAs Techtrails STEM and Future Skills secondary schools program is going online with a new initiative!

Lyndsey Scott has always had a burning passion for computer programming, and as she embarks on her acting career, that passion is paying the bills.

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