What does it mean to be nominated and win an award? And what about self nominating and backing yourself?

When it comes to inclusivity – WiTWA is up there with the best, it is pretty much our catch cry. As it is something we strive towards and champion in the world around us, we recoil at the thought of getting it wrong.   We’ve all observed the bemoaning of political correctness and the high emotions … Read more

Let us showcase the amazing role model you are to inspire and empower others to follow.

WiTWAs Techtrails STEM and Future Skills secondary schools program is going online with a new initiative!

Lyndsey Scott has always had a burning passion for computer programming, and as she embarks on her acting career, that passion is paying the bills.

Future of Work

What is the ‘fourth industrial revolution’ and how will it impact job seekers? What changes can education and training providers expect? How do employers empower their workforce to adapt to the onslaught of changes in the new world of automation, big data, internet of things, artificial intelligence, blockchain, drones and 5G? What does this all mean for my career?

Photo Sarah Mitchell

We all know that terrible feeling. The most inopportune moment, inspiration fails you and you don’t know what to write. It’s just that sometimes the words don’t flow effortlessly onto the page. But what do you do if you’ve committed to writing an awards submission?

Charlie Gunningham, co-host of Startup West podcast, led our panel discussion with Dr Sofie De Meyer (CEO of MALDIID), Louise Daw (Co-founder of MiPlan) and Beth Caniglia (Global Marketing Manager at VROC AI).

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