Be Brilliant with Janine Garner

“What right do you have not to be the brilliant person you are”

What an inspiring end to the week it was with Janine Garner’s energy and passion for supporting everyone to Be Brilliant.

Having already read the book, her practical and engaging approach left everyone with some actions to take immediately to share their brilliance with the world and the knowledge that we are already brilliant – we all have everything we need within us, we simply need to see it within ourselves and share it with others.

But how can we do that when we’re not feeling so brilliant and 2020 hasn’t exactly shaped up to be our best year yet – months of self-isolation has left many of us with a little less of a spring in our step? 

Janine’s book Be Brilliant, available now for purchase at BookTopia

Outlines her Four Laws… I have included my takeaways from each

Law One: Be You – Own Your Spotlight

Within Law One we have our Expertise, and Janine asks “What more could you do tomorrow to share stories and shine the spotlight on what you’re doing and the impact you’re making?”… what better way to do that that to submit your nomination for the WiTWA Tech+ Awards? And if you’re not sure what your greatness is – ask people in your network!

Law Two: Be Ready – Harness your Energy

Within Law Two, Janine was most passionate about encouraging us all to really look at our mindset and behaviours and that we have everything inside of us, Brilliance is a choice. Her five key points were: Manage your inputs, manage your outputs, be deliberate about who is in your inner circle, be conscious about your thoughts and establish healthy habits as what makes you feel good is your competitive advantage. And one that I personally struggle with – learn to say No!

Law Three: Be Together – Connect With Intent

What better way to engage, network and collaborate with others that being part of the WiTWA community. You will find your tribe, your supporters and champions as well as being able to reach out and help others as well.

And finally, Law Four: Be Heard – Magnify Your Influence

Take the lead in your own life and start putting all these laws into action and most importantly, accelerate your influence through ensuring you have a clear network around you to challenge you, teach you and hold you to account.

Janine has generously extended her offer to WiTWA members who registered for the event – purchase her book by Friday 17 July and email your receipt to [email protected] to receive over $190 worth of bonuses including her 7 day Networking Mastery Program, the Barriers to Brilliance audio book, Best of Brilliant Leaders bonus podcast episode plus the Be Brilliant companion digital workbook.

Article written by Asha Stabback

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