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WiTWA is committed to driving the success of WA businesses and the economy through fostering diversity and innovation in the tech [+] landscape. Our brand partners are engaged and active contributors to the WA community and committed to growing a global identity of inclusivity.

  • Looking to align with an organisation leading the charge on diversity and inclusion in Western Australia?
  • Want to be recognised for working with gender inclusive thought leaders and change makers?
  • Want to influence the dialogue and share your insights with a widely recognised expert organisation?

WiTWA is your answer. We have some options for you to consider; read on. 


Engaged, enthusiastic and growing at a tremendous rate, WiTWA’s Partnership Program is the number one pick for statewide brand recognition.

With tiered financial options, depending on your level of commitment, you/your company gains maximum access to place your brand in front of dynamic individuals, government and industry leaders. 

Diversity champions

If you are looking for respect and recognition of your business efforts to become a leader of change and diversity, then become a Diversity Champion!

Once you meet the parameters to be verified as a WiTWA Diversity Champion, we provide a full report on your growth capabilities. You will receive an accredited badge to use on your socials and communications which verifies your HR and accessibility policies.

Social engagement

Inclusivity underpins the WiTWA philosophy and we acknowledge that financial commitments are not possible for all.

We still want you on board! There are a number of other ways to join the WiTWA party and help spread the message. We are always looking for new champions, role models, thought leaders and subject matter experts, so contact us here to discuss how you can contribute. 

Some of our current sponsors


In the interests of full disclosure, we may have to issue a #humblebrag. Our recent growth and increased recognition of the work we do means that there are limited opportunities to partner with WiTWA. Please don’t miss out, avoid FOMO and just start the conversation. 

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