A tech entrepreneur and millionaire was asked for his advice for anyone starting out in the real world today. You would be surprised at what he said. Apparently, it’s all about the T-value. What’s the T-value, I hear you ask? Well, the T-value is the depth and breadth of expertise that people build out over … Read more

Nobody knows what 2021 is going to bring, so we thought we would share a few snippets from the 2020 conference to give you an idea about the sort of things we make happen. The live sessions ran between 26 and 30 October, and because we went virtual (and at times viral), we were able to secure … Read more

WiTWA [+] Conference ballroom set up table decor with purple lights

Our inaugural WiTWA[+] Conference and Tech[+] 20 Awards held at the Hyatt.

Lyndsey Scott has always had a burning passion for computer programming, and as she embarks on her acting career, that passion is paying the bills.

Credit to Kelly Pilgrim-Byrne and her team at 7 to 1 Photography.

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