You have to be in it to win it!

Let us showcase the amazing role model you are to inspire and empower others to follow.

Why are we nudging you all to nominate for the Tech [+] Awards?

Because you’re worth it… AND the world needs to know

Okay, so it’s that time of the year again. The time when every WiTWA volunteer and other amazing women are tapping you on the shoulder and say “you’re it”, “I nominate you” or “time to put your hand up”.

And there it is… we all cringe… It’s a fact!

Our inner voices rear their critical heads: There are so many other much more worthy or deserving women out there… I’m not really that good… What are people going to think and say??!

The fact is… There ARE many deserving women who never put their hand up. Are you maybe one of them? Or do you know someone who should? If so, please, please, please make sure you fill in your application AND nominate someone else.

Fresh off the press… we are running an Award writing workshop and Q&A on Sunday 26th July at 3pm.

If you find it challenging to fill in your own details, why not check out some of the tips from the amazing Sarah Mitchell on How to use storytelling and Hemingway to stand out from the competition. And we have put together a simple step by step process here.

Winners are grinners – and we are ALL winners

I’d like to showcase all nominees, but that’s what our role models page is for. Make sure you check it out. We are all winning if we can inspire one more person by seeing a role model who is relevant to them.

Let’s take a look at some of our past winners… Amazing, everyday women who stand up and stand out.

2019 Tech [+} 20 Award

2019 Tech [+] 20 Award Winners

  • Suzanne Brown
  • Pauline Charman
  • Kaye Cheung
  • Dr Helen Cripps
  • Dr Liz Dallimore
  • Suzanne Dodds
  • Dr Rina Fu
  • Dr Stacey Hamilton
  • Naomi Henn
  • Professor Eun-Jung Holden
  • Professor Elaine Holmes
  • Ming Johanson
  • Jiaranai Keatnuxsuo
  • Sarada Lee
  • Rachael Lehr
  • Bernadette Olivier
  • Karen Riddette
  • Shalini Saldanha
  • Petra Trinke
  • Nicola Waite

With the following taking out the specific trophies:

  • First Among Equals Winner: Suzanne Dodds
  • Outstanding Youth Role Model: Naomi Henn
  • Outstanding Regional Role Model: Nicola Waite
  • People’s Choice Winner: Dr Lakshini Herat
2018 20in20 Award winners

2018 20in20 Award Winners

  • Alysia Kepert
  • Anya Nova
  • Cairo Malet
  • Claire McGregor
  • Colleen Burgers
  • Danielle Meyrick
  • Gia Parish
  • Gry Stene
  • Jennifer Reyes
  • Leisa Aitken
  • Lucy Cooke
  • Mandy Michael
  • Mel Ziman
  • Melissa Langdon
  • Dr Michelle Ellis
  • Michelle Radley
  • Michelle Sandford
  • Petrina Raitt
  • Romella Sharp
  • Sheryl Frame
  • Stella Jinman
  • Susan Kreemer Pickford

With the following taking out the specific trophies:

  • First Among Equals Winner: Danielle Merryck
  • People’s Choice Winner: Allyson Woodford

Article written by Gry Stene

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