Overcoming self doubt and landing a new job: How Caitlin benefited from being an Award nominee

Overcoming self doubt and landing a new job: How Caitlin benefited from being an Award nominee

When you think of awards you think of winners, but it’s not only winners that get something out of nominating – it could be the start you need to move onto bigger and better things. 

Simply ask 2019 WiTWA Tech [+] Awards Nominee, Caitlin Bathgate, who experienced a resounding ‘I’m good enough!’ validation and went on to land a new job from the process.

The nomination process

There are two different ways that nominations can happen – either you nominate yourself, or someone puts your name forward. 

“I had been thinking about nominating for the WiTWA Tech[+] Awards myself, but I wasn’t sure I had enough experience yet. As it turns out, I was actually tapped on the shoulder by Kate Kirwin (Founder of She Codes Australia). When I got the nomination, I had this moment of euphoria – that I’m actually doing important things, and good enough to apply as I am, right now!”

On feeling ‘good enough’

Many of us experience that imposter syndrome creeping in, no matter how far we’ve come along in our career paths. And being able to stamp that down is a fantastic feeling and important in moving forward.

“The whole process really helped me feel more confident. I had experienced a lot of self doubt – I have anxiety as do many women. It brought me a great boost of confidence in my abilities and that I really was a ‘tech person’ and not just sitting on the sidelines.”

Our Tech[+] awards recognise the importance of including the curators and moderators of technology alongside those traditionally labelled as “tech”. At our awards, you’ll find scientists, data specialists, coders, founders, designers, teachers of tech and more.

On the job front

At the time of nominations, Caitlin was a graphic designer and delivery coordinator for a startup program in schools looking for a new role in a larger company more suited to her skills and growth. The awards writing process was key to being able to clearly articulate her accomplishments, ethos, and future views – critical in landing her dream role.

“The process was really valuable for me. It enables you to work out who you are exactly and what you do best. This can really benefit you in a job interview, or in your workplace for getting ahead. Even if you don’t win the award, it’s a really useful self-reflection tool.”

It was a win for Caitlin, as this process helped her land a role as UX Designer at Family Zone, a software company that provides cyber safety solutions for children and schools around the globe.

Application tips

Caitlin approached the application itself by first visiting the WiTWA Awards site, reading into past winners’ backstories, really understanding the criteria, and then cutting her answers down to the somewhat challenging 250 word limit.

Her advice? 

“At the beginning I did a brain dump, listing out everything I had done, dot pointing all my experiences and achievements. From there it was a process of shifting and refining the content to make sure it hits the mark. I’d work on my application slowly, chipping away week by week. It really helped to get someone from the outside to read over my writing and make sure I was getting straight to the point.”

Take the leap and find out for yourself how useful the nomination process can be to your professional and personal development. Be quick – applications close 8th August 2021 so nominate now!

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