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Help us celebrate diversity with our annual Tech [+] 20 Awards.

Announcing the 2021 Tech [+] Awards

Yup! We’re doing it again… and we even have a night in mind for the celebration. The Award Night is currently booked on 5 November 2021 Make sure you pop it in your calendar. And watch this space for more details.

Drum roll… and the winners for 2020 were…

Wow! What an amazing celebration of diversity and inclusion at Optus Stadium on Friday 30 October. Smiles and happy faces all around. Exhilarating.

Photo by Ammon Creative

Tech [+] 20 Winners

Special Trophy Winners

If you can see her, you can be her, so… let’s see ‘her’!

The WiTWA Tech [+] 20 Awards began in 2018 as the WiTWA ‘20 in 20’, celebrating our 20th anniversary. Don’t forget to check out all of our incredible past nominees and winners on our Inspiring Role Models page, which is WiTWA’s answer to ‘we couldn’t find a woman for the interview/job/panel/board…’.

And the winner of the inaugural Outstanding Diversity Ally Award was:

A Massive THANK YOU to our Tech [+] Awards Sponsors

We are so proud of all the amazing women and men that we are able to showcase through the Tech [+] 20 Awards, something we would not be able to do without our amazing sponsors. Thank You!

In addition to our new award category, we are honoured to have the following organisations on board as Trophy sponsors:

To help us make the Award Night super special, we are stoked to have Appbot , CyberCX, Inspired IT, JourneyOne, and Metisphere on board. Thank you for your continued support!

Expressions of Interest for 2021 Sponsors?

Time for another #humblebrag. Our Tech [+] Award and WiTWA [+] Conference sponsorships this year were very popular and we are already accepting expressions of interest for next year. If you are interested in being part of this, please fill in the form below and we will make sure we get in contact as soon as our plans come together.

Check out some of the amazing Award Night photos by Ammon Creative:

2020 Tech [+] Award Trophy sponsors

A special thanks to the organisations who get behind our special trophies:

  • Best Among Equals
  • Outstanding Youth Role Model
  • Outstanding Regional Role Model
  • Outstanding Diversity Ally
  • People’s Choice

If you can see her, you can be her!

2020 Award Night Sponsors

Thank you to the organisations who sponsor our Award Night.

If you can see her, you can be her!

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