Level up for greater good say WiTWA role models

Women in Technology (WiTWA) recently packed Spacecubed to the proverbial rafters while hosting a panel of top-notch local female role models in the tech and innovation ecosystem. 

This event is one of several in the popular boardroom series, which WiTWA run to support its mission to promote diversity and equality in WA. The level of interest and quality of questions were testament to two points worth highlighting:

  1. The rise and rise of Perth as an ideas hub with top talent, and
  2. The appetite for women to lift the bar through contributing to diverse teams and business agendas. 

We are thankful to all the role models on the panel who kindly gave their time to share their stories and inspire. 

We look forward to seeing you all at our next shindig to celebrate International Womens Day in conjunction with the Australian Computer Society (ACS) at the Hyatt Regency. Please see the WiTWA website for more details and to register. http://www.witwa.org.au/events/

Here are the highlights from the panel:

  • Even though things are slowly improving, there is still a definite lack of female role models in the tech sector. 
  • We need to stop competing against other women and instead work together to help and encourage each other to get ahead. The old ‘leave the ladder down’ approach for female colleagues is a good place to start. 
  • We may need to reconsider what a role model looks like – a tech role model may actually be younger than you and not fit the stereotype you once imagined. 
  • If you cant find a role model within your organisation, you need to network and look outside your organisation for inspiring role models. It may not be a ‘one size fits all’ but instead you may find several role models useful for different aspects of your development. 
  • Being stubborn, and resilient were key themes the panel members shared, which had enabled them to get to where they are today….doing the things that people said that they couldn’t do, and using this to drive themselves forward to achieve even greater things.

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