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Workshop: Insider Tips on Great Submissions

2019 WiTWA [+] Conference + Awards

Nominate yourself or someone you really admire today

Nominate yourself or someone you really admire today

award presentations at last year’s awards night | if you can see her you can be her

award presentations at last year’s awards night | if you can see her you can be her

So, you’ve all heard the news. The WITWA 2019 Tech [+] 20 Awards are officially open for nominations.

You may be considering a nomination for yourself or a colleague for the WiTWA Tech [+] 20 Awards or one of the many other industry or government award programs that exist. There is no doubt from experts and those who have been through an application process that applications can sometimes be arduous and confronting. Common issues include a sense of feeling overwhelmed, not understanding the criteria, uncertainty as to how to make your application stand out and how much of your story you should share.

This is where we come in; to help remove barriers and provide you with the tools, knowledge and confidence to focus your efforts and slay that application!

Cue ‘award submissions whisperer’ Sarah Mitchell, Founder, Director at Typeset and Global Copywriting. Join us for this lunchtime workshop to learn How to make your submission more ‘readable’ and ensure you capture all the elements to tell your best story.

Please note that as the event will be held during business hours, the Workshop will commence at promptly at 1pm to allow for a strict finish time of 2pm to help you fit this into your busy schedules. Visit our events page for further details.

Following the resounding success of our 20 in 20 Awards Night in November 2018, we are launching our inaugural one-day conference, WiTWA [+] 2019 in Perth, showcasing outstanding leaders and companies in tech [+], and inspiring action towards diversity and equality. WiTWA [+] brings to life to the statement: if you can see her you can be her.

Held on Thursday 24 October at the Hyatt Regency Perth, the day will be filled with stories of ingenuity, adversity and triumph from some extraordinary local, national and international role models in the tech [+] space so all attendees can expand their idea of what's possible. The day also includes stories from companies striving to achieve diversity and equality in tech[+] industries, some professional-development style learning and an abundance of opportunities for WA's tech [+] community to engage with each other throughout the day.

The Conference will include the 2019 WITWA Tech [+] 20 Awards with 20 female Role Models celebrated at 4pm on 24 October. Make sure you nominate yourself or another amazing woman who needs to step into the limelight. This year we have added a Regional Award and a Youth Award into the mix. More info about the Awards here.

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Pssst: are you a potential WiTWA[+] sponsor? Check out our prospectus to become a partner in our inaugural one day conference on Thursday 24 October 2019 where we’ll bring to life our catch-cry: if you can see her, you can be her. It’s going to be even bigger and better than our ‘20 in 20’ Awards night!

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