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Entrepreneur – Film, VR & Technology for Creatives
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  • 2018 Nominee |
  • 20in20 Winner 2018

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About Lucy Cooke

Lucy is an ambassador for Austrade Taiwan having invented a software to help creative technologists communicate their ideas for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality content called SpaceDraft.

Her technical understanding of Visual Effects led her to work on feature films in the USA such as Pirates of the Caribbean, Dead Men Tell No Tales and Game of Thrones. In following her passion for building virtual worlds, Lucy has inspired others with her determination, courage and eternal optimism. Back in Australia, Lucy, along with her SaaS invention SpaceDraft, was accepted into the Village Roadshow/Microsoft accelerator in Melbourne where she was the youngest entrant and only female founder. Lucy is never afraid to speak up for injustices and has a very strong moral compass. She believes that women are just as capable of being tech entrepreneurs as men and she is determined to help open more and more doorways for young tech enthusiasts to enter the industry. Lucy always makes herself available to help others and particularly those that are trying to break stereotypes and reinvent the wheel.

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