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WiTWA's Techtrails STEM & Future Skills incursion program (Techtrails) is designed to encourage young people to consider careers in technology. Acknowledging the declining numbers of students choosing technology, science and engineering career paths, WiTWA launched the Techtrails program in 2010, with the first incursion delivered in 2011.

"The program is designed to generate passion, excitement and interest in technology and science based careers
to motivate secondary students to explore and pursue related study and career opportunities. "

We present Techtrail incursions to both female and male students, emphasising the importance of positive female role modelling of women in STEM careers to all genders. The program is targeted at girls and boys in middle school, predominantly studying in regional schools and those with a strong STEM technology focus. Since inception the program has reached over 3,100 students throughout Western Australia.  The feedback from students and teachers has been overwhelming. We are incredibly proud to say that over 84% of students rated their Techtrails experience as "Awesome/Great". 

In early 2018 we supplemented our physical Techtrails incursion program with a Digital Techtrails Toolkit - an invaluable resource for students, educators and parents alike.

For more information about our Techtrails STEM & Future Skills program, the Digital Techtrails Toolkit, as well as how you can become involved in this initiative, please visit our website dedicated to Techtrails at .

The future of work. How WiTWA is inspiring and supporting young people make decisions about jobs for their future. A visual celebration of WiTWA's community engagement and signature schools program - Techtrails STEM & Future Skills.

Lacey Filipich presenting at our Techtrails STEM & Future Skills incursion at Girrawheen Senior High School 5 April 2018.


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