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We are proud to support Maker Kids Club (MKC), a curriculum-aligned entrepreneur program for Year 6 and 7 classrooms. By launching and running their own businesses, students learn valuable enterprise skills that complement STEM skills we promote via Techtrails.

If your school enrolls, ask the teacher to mention WiTWA so we receive 10% of the program price to fund future Techtrails incursions. 

Maker Kids Club: How does it work

In schools, for Year 6 and 7 classes

Teachers can run Maker Kids Club in the classroom (one hour per week for 14 weeks).

  • Enrollment includes:

    • access to the online training platform for every student and the teacher

    • detailed lesson plans with all links to the curriculum outlined, and

    • online support.

  • A typical lesson includes:

    • watching a training video (6-20 minutes),

    • discussing the content following the lesson plan, and

    • student group work to complete the activity sheet accompanying the lesson.

  • Week 10 is launch week:

    • this typically lines up with the end of school term.

    • options for when and where to run the market are endless. Schools have paired them with end of term assembly, sports carnivals, fetes or held the market as a special after-school event. You can choose an option that works for your school.

  • Lessons 11 to 14 are completed after the launch market

    • these lessons cover reflection, money management, updating plans and celebration.

    • they can be completed any time after the market, for example in the next term school.

See the Maker Kids Club website for further information, including an overview of the stages and lessons. 

Please contact MAKER KIDS CLUB directly to enquire about running Maker Kids Club in your classroom