Yvonne Power

Expert Consultant, Intelligent Asset Management
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  • 2019 Nominee

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About Yvonne Power

Dr Yvonne Power has pioneered intelligent asset management across the ENR sector. Since 2004, she remained focused on introducing her PhD knowledge into industry, using intelligent systems to improve safety and production. Technologies were innovative and difficult to market; however, Yvonne has managed to overcome these difficulties resulting in several successful large-scale applications within some of the world’s largest resources organisations.

Yvonne has consulted extensively on intelligent asset management; on platform development, guiding technology developments and successfully introducing advanced and award-winning solutions into operations. She authored numerous papers and presented at conferences on the topic. In 2009, Yvonne founded IMPOWER TECHNOLOGIES®. Since 2010, solutions developed by IMPOWER™ have been applied to large scale critical assets across mining and within one of Australia’s largest power stations.

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