Vee Pendergrast

Gamification, Serious Games & VR/AR


  • 2018 Nominee

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About Vee Pendergrast

Vee is the Co-founder, Director and Chief Executive Officer of Stirfire Studios, a Perth based games studio. The venture was founded in late 2010 as a new “home” to support WA game developers and digital media professionals attempting to gain ground in emerging mediums including games, apps and digital platforms. Since then, Vee and her team have been instrumental in developing games for desktop, console and Virtual Reality, as well as non- gaming related VR experiences and software. Throughout the journey of building her company, Vee has shown tenacity and determination in bringing her vision of a Perth based gaming company developing products for the global gaming industry, to fruition. Her deep passion and commitment to not only delivering exceptional and unique products is surpassed only by her unwavering vocal call for recognition and equality for members of the LGBTIQA community. Vee is a passionate champion of diversity of thought and inclusiveness. This has been further demonstrated by her work in creating a games industry network for WA – one that can deliver globally competitive games, VR and AR products. Vee’s ability to champion a greater cause is phenomenal to watch, especially in light of the many challenges thrown her way.

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