Theadosia Kurniawan

Founder | Engineer | Transformer
Thea Kurniawan


  • 2021 Nominee

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About Theadosia Kurniawan

Thea wears many hats. Professionally she is a business transformation consultant, working in engineering, mining, tech start-ups and health industries across Indonesia, U.S.A and Australia.

Thea enjoys being an advocate for girls in STEAM and actively volunteers with organisations like Millennium Kids Inc., Engineers Without Borders and Scitech. She founded TEDxUWA, one of Australia’s only fully youth-run TEDx organisations. Thea’s collective efforts have been recognised various platforms including the Australia Day Community Citizen Awards and Forbes Under 30.

Growing up in Asia and Australia, Thea strongly believes in the importance of bridging the gap between countries, cultures and people; building the next generation of resilient leaders with an “ I can do” approach to spark positive change in the community.

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