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About Teagen McEwan

Teagen is an events management queen and digital marketing professional, honing her skills in digital promotion for events including website development and design, apps and social media. She specialises in email marketing, conversion funnel analytics, website development, search engine optimisation and social media marketing using Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Teagen’s extensive experience in engagement at events allows her to build support for digital tactics, leading to increased event activation and improved ROI. Teagen enjoys continuously innovating in event spaces using new technologies to build engagement with clients, allowing traditional marketing tactics to support activation and increase lead captures. She uses organic content and advertising to target audiences, event registrations, raises event capacity and online conversations through showcased live streaming.

Recently, Teagen received a scholarship as part of the She Codes Plus 2020 program and She Codes Flash 2019 program, which were intensive programs learning web design to build personal portfolios with HTML/CSS, Python programming used to create machine learning programs, building interactive web applications with Python and Django, cloud deployment of projects, storage of code in GIT, adding interactive functionality to web apps with REACT js, and hardware programming with MicroPython.

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