Tamara Scrivener

Never give up. Jump off buildings!
Tamara Scrivener


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About Tamara Scrivener

With her determination, focus and organisational wizardry, for the past decade Tamara has thrived in the IT Managed Services industry as Project Manager/Coordinator. Tamara’s preceding 14 years’ experience in Management, Team Leadership and Software Development, honed her customer service delivery and communication skills across a range of ICT areas.

Tamara enjoys effectively managing change to achieve successful outcomes despite ever-moving goal posts. Taking the time for honest self-reflection helps recognise her own growth across projects, ensures her personal values are considered and team achievements celebrated.

Tamara thrives in positive team environments, where she encourages excellence and collaboration. Always aiming for improvement, Tamara never settles for merely adequate and strives to challenge herself, delight her customers and inspire her young children.

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