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  • 20in20 Winner 2018

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About Sheryl Frame

Having started four IT-related companies herself, Sheryl has demonstrated exceptional and progressive leadership over many years. Her ability to dismiss boundaries (or, at least redefine them to advantage) is founded on her ability to think and act strategically with extreme confidence. Planning has been a mantra for her; planning that includes progressive initiatives in leadership, diversity, mentoring and inspiration, innovation and more, all of which succeed because of her thoroughness in defining foresight and vision into her strategies. Sheryl is passionate about helping female founders and ensuring women, in general, are empowered to follow their dreams and dismiss perceived barriers. She has been involved in numerous organisations that help women in business; AWISE, Australian Women in IT, Science and Engineering, WiTWA, SBE Australia, AC and several others. She has mentored dozens of businesses, both start-up and established. Sheryl is looked up to by entrepreneurs starting out and is always on hand to offer to advise and guide one through the tough road to getting a company an idea off the ground. Sheryl has been a trailblazer in many ways for young women in IT and in STEM.

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