Shelley Kalms

Leader – Digital Business Transformation
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  • 2018 Nominee

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About Shelley Kalms

As Chief Digital Officer at Woodside, Shelley is at the forefront of their transformation to a new digital organisation. It is not easy to convince a single person to change let alone a whole organisation, but Shelley has the task of influencing the entire organisation to adopt new digital tools and ways of working. To drive this change, Shelley has had an inspiring vision, conviction of purpose, and perseverance against natural resistance and doubt. Leadership is not just about big vision and big achievements; it is also about creating the right environment for your staff to flourish. As a female leader in Woodside Shelley contributes by demonstrating behaviours at a personal level, actively mentoring future leaders at all levels, and conspicuously maintaining a commitment to family and children. She is an inspiration and role model to all women, proving that it does not have to be a choice between work and family.

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