Salvia Amatya

Aeronautical Engineer, Mum
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  • 2020 Nominee |
  • Tech [+] 20 Winner

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About Salvia Amatya

As a child, Salvia used to look up into the skies and wondered how planes flew. Fast forward to now, and Salvia is an experienced aeronautical engineer, who is currently living her childhood dream. Over the span of her career, Salvia has successfully led and managed complex aircraft maintenance/modification design projects of various different aircraft types. In between designing planes, you will find Salvia making paper planes for her 2 year old son. He is the inspiration for everything she does.

Salvia believes engineering is more than just calculations and analysis. Salvia is a firm believer that engineers hold a very special place in our society – engineers get to leave behind a fantastic legacy for many generations to come.

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