Sabine Bellstedt

Astronomer & Astrophysicist
Sabine Bellstedt


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About Sabine Bellstedt

Completing a PhD in astronomy in 2019, Sabine is an expert in galaxy evolution. She uses large telescopes from all over the world to learn about the billions of galaxies in our Universe, and how they got there. She works with many international projects and collaborations, dealing with huge datasets and supercomputers to expand our knowledge of galaxies in our cosmos.

Sabine is a 2021/22 “Superstar of STEM”, a program developed by Science & Technology Australia to increase the visibility of women in STEM. Science can explain the world around us (why are soap bubbles colourful?) and help us understand and solve the big problems we currently face, so Sabine is enthusiastic about it being shared as broadly as possible.

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