Rajni Nandikonda

Embrace Changes And Keep It Simple
Rajni Nandikonda
  • 2023 Nominee

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About Rajni Nandikonda

Rajni is an individual who consistently exhibits a determined nature and readily embracing various changes that present themselves throughout the course of her life. Arriving in Australia almost three decades ago with the intention of pursuing a career as a pilot, Rajni was among the initial group of females from her homeland to acquire an Australian Commercial Pilot License. However, unforeseen global events and personal health issues necessitated an alternative means of securing her livelihood, leading her to venture into the field of IT with the assistance of her lifelong partner. Recognizing her natural proclivity for leadership and her attention to detail, Rajni’s peers and superiors identified her suitability for managerial roles resulting in her becoming an IT Project Manager.

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