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  • 20in20 Winner 2018

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About Petrina Raitt

As Director of Green Light Environmental, Petrina leads a team of professionals to run a specialised environmental consultancy which provides high quality environmental support and value adding solutions to the oil and gas industry. She is also the founder and Managing Director of eBase, a cloud-based environmental impact assessment platform which aims to support more efficient, consistent and thorough EIA and project approvals. Over time she has become one of the most well-respected practitioners in her field, consistently delivering both business and environmental outcomes. After finding that traditional workplaces were lacking in the flexibility required for new parents, she set up her own offices to actively promote a solution for people seeking a better work-life balance. Her GLE office is a hive of activity that support flexible working, occasional drop-ins from kids and weekly yoga sessions. She ensures that the team can work from anywhere in the world at any time with cloud-based tools and collaboration options that make it easy for primary carer dads, part-time workers who value flexibility, new mum’s coming back into work life and a graduate Environmental Advisor who likes to fit in a surf wherever he can. She has been quoted as saying “My work allows me to feel like I am taking some responsibility for my own footprint within our world, but also helping to maintain and protect it for my daughter, and someday, her kids too!”

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