Parwinder Kaur

Genomic empowerment to unique Australian biodiversity
Parwinder Kaur


  • 2020 Nominee |
  • 2021 Nominee

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About Parwinder Kaur

Dr Parwinder Kaur is an award-winning scientist with 15+ years of initiating and delivering research outcomes across agricultural and environmental biotechnology. Major experience lies in leading cross-disciplinary research for innovation, research translation – both as an academic and entrepreneur.

She has made substantial contributions to the field of biotechnology and was appointed as UWA “Be Inspired” for Agricultural & Environmental Biotechnology in 2019. She has been honored by the prestigious “Science and Innovation Award” for Young People in Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry by the Australian Academy of Sciences in 2013. For DNA Zoo innovative work developments won the Microsoft’s AI for Earth award for 2019-20. Dr Kaur has been selected among the top 60 Superstars of STEM in 2020 with Science & Technology Australia.

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