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Radio Astronomer, Engineer, Innovator, Mother
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  • Tech [+] 20 Winner

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About Nipanjana Patra

A Radio Astronomer, an Engineer, and an Innovator, Nipanjana is also a mother, an advocate of the wellbeing of premature babies. After graduating in Electronics and Telecommunication engineering, Nipanjana followed her passion to work in astronomy and space technology development – a field in which she did her PhD and postdoctoral research. She designs and builds extremely sophisticated radio telescopes for cosmological observations to understand the evolution of the Universe. She is also deeply engaged in translational research where the space/astronomical technology development can be used to innovate solutions of unsolved interdisciplinary problems in order to improve human lives on earth.

Nipanjana did her Ph.D. in India where she pioneered the effort to innovate a precision radio telescopes while working in a remote observatory for 5 years. As a result of research and scholarship in a field that rarely witnesses women’s participation, she received several grants and invitations, both in India and internationally to present her doctoral work. She moved to the US for her postdoctoral research in the University of California at Berkeley, where she worked for 3.5 years. Nipanjana is currently working as a Research Engineer in the Curtin institute of Radio Astronomy – the Curtin University node of International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research.

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