Nicolene Prinsloo

Visionary Leader Transforming IT with Empathy
  • 2023 Nominee

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About Nicolene Prinsloo

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Nicolene is an authentic, passionate, and trusted advisor in Western Australia’s IT landscape, seamlessly melding unparalleled technical prowess with empathy and heartfelt leadership. She has carved a niche in bespoke software delivery and strategic project management. Nicolene’s influence extends beyond her technical feats; she champions diversity and inclusion, leading a large, diverse team of professionals, meeting each at their unique intersection of experience and aspiration. Often conquering her own battles with imposter syndrome, her journey resonates with many, making her mentorship truly impactful. As a mentor, leader, and trailblazer, Nicolene’s multifaceted role in IT is a testament to her ability to inspire, innovate, and instil excellence.

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