Nadia Reyhani

DevOps Engineer, Machine Learning Enthusiast
Nadia Reyhani


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About Nadia Reyhani

Nadia is a full-stack developer and DevOps engineer at Mechanical Rock, Australia’s leading cloud native consultancy. Enthusiastic, resilient and curious, Nadia loves solving the toughest of problems and is never one to shy away from a challenge. She works with most up to date practices like Serverless technologies, infrastructure-as-code and AWS ML services like Glue, Deepracer and Sagemaker.
She is an AWS Community Builder, AWS solution architecture and extremely passionate about AI and Machine learning. As a She Codes graduate, Nadia is now a regular youth mentor and enjoys supporting people to find their way in tech while is continuously working on her ML skills as she believes Data and AI is our today and future!

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