Mihi Doraliyagoda

ICT Professional – Silent Leader, Getting the job done
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  • 2019 Nominee

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About Mihi Doraliyagoda

A Project Manager/Consultant, Product Manager for Aboriginal Trust Management System (ATMS), and a valuable employee at Illuminance Solutions, Mihi consistently faces challenges with a can-do attitude. She makes time to show acknowledgment and recognition by celebrating everyone’s success, whether big or small, and using positive reinforcement to inspire the team. Her good nature, partnered with a strong commitment to serve, makes her an exceptional role model.
Forging into new sectors of business including the growth of ATMS, establishing new collaborative partnerships with a unique sector, and creating solutions which have social impact are achievements to be held in high esteem. So, too, are the beneficial impacts of Mihi’s training and mentoring, and nurturing of a workplace environment which fosters diversity.

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