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  • 2018 Nominee

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About Marion Burchell

Marion recently took on the role of WA’s first female A/Government Chief Information Officer (GCIO), at a time of significant disruption and in the middle of multiple reviews that shaped the future of the office. Through this time of uncertainty, Marion maintained energy and enthusiasm in the team to step up to meet challenges head on using her great sense of humour and unwavering commitment to quality and high value outcomes. Marion’s breadth of knowledge spans across all areas from digital services to infrastructure, cybersecurity and data analytics. Her experience of working with Ministers and senior executives at state, federal and international levels, and leading industry vendors, brings a keen focus on areas that matter most today, with an eye of the future. Marion’s strategic positioning has successfully elevated the profile of Digital infrastructure as a key economic driver and enabler of social inclusion and better community services. Marion mentors generously. Marion’s sense of fun combined with a measured and considered approach to everything she tackles, inspires confidence and team self-belief.

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