Margret Beniameen

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Margret Beniameen

  • 2022 Nominee |
  • 2023 Nominee

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About Margret Beniameen

Margret’s unwavering determination led her to pursue an IT degree while raising two children, even taking exams shortly after giving birth. She tackled gender disparity, mentoring fellow female students and earning academic honors. Her adept balancing of personal and professional life earned her a STEM scholarship and the Moncrieff Technology Solutions Prize.

As a mentor, Margret championed diversity and inclusivity, fostering collaboration through study groups and workshops. She also founded a youth group aiding elderly individuals, demonstrating her commitment to community leadership. Her personalized technology assistance to seniors reflects her empathetic leadership, creating a strong support network. Margret’s transformative initiatives have left a profound positive impact on both academia and society.

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