Kathryn Ross

IncludeHer founder and radio rainbow expert
Kathryn Ross
  • 2023 Winner |
  • Advocacy, Community & Volunteering 2023 - RISING STAR

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About Kathryn Ross

Kat is an astrophysicist and post doctoral research studying baby black holes and twinkling galaxies.

She has a PhD working with telescopes around Australia, in particular, the Murchison Widefield Array, a radio telescope based in the remote outback of Western Australia.

Kat has worked extensively as a science communicator and activist for women in STEM including leading a national movement, IncludeHer, which seeks to transform our approach to science education and include more authentic and relatable role models for all students while demonstrating the collaborative nature of modern science.

Kat is a proud bisexual and agender person and was diagnosed with as an adult with ADHD. They are looking to help create safe spaces for other LGBTQIA+ and neurodiverse individuals.

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