Kareena Waters

Chief Grit Officer
Kareena Waters
  • 2021 Nominee |
  • 2023 Nominee

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About Kareena Waters

Kareena has deep domain expertise, in workforce learning and development, and is a training specialist with over 20 years of experience operating at the management level as a National Training and RTO Manager.

In 2007, she founded Industry OneCARD, driven by her passion to support overworked administration teams grappling with endless employee record management.

Kareena was a finalist in the Telstra Business Women of the Year in 2007, won Core Innovation Hot 30 Female Lead Innovation, and recently IOC secured a level three Export Grant from Aus Industry and the prestigious WA booster Grant from the WA Government. Beyond her entrepreneurial success, Kareena actively contributes to various boards and organisations over the years. Kareena loves to dance.

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