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About Julie Whitlock

Julie is an IT Lego Master. Using the building blocks of IT and working with the people who create those blocks, she puts them all together to create and build unique and engaging experiences. The storytelling and attention to detail is why people love Lego and Julie also loves to create stories using technology to improve the way people work and their business outcomes.

With over 20 years being at the forefront of innovative and award-winning technology solutions, Julie brings her skills of marketing, customer experience and product development to her vision for those constructions.

A senior leader in the healthcare and education industries and currently Associate Director at Murdoch University, Julie was honoured to be elected by staff to the Murdoch University Senate in 2018. She is also a Board Member on Women’s Legal Service WA. In addition, Julie is a passionate consumer advocate for a range of initiatives including the National Children’s Digital Health Collaborative and is a member of the Health Consumer’s Council and the Consumer & Community Health Research Network.

Julie is a very proud Mum of two teenage boys and hopes she demonstrates what equality and success looks like for women both professionally as well as in the home. She’s also known to spend weekends playing with Lego sometimes with but more often without her boys!

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