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Entrepreneur – AI & Technology
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  • 2018 Nominee |
  • 20in20 Winner 2018

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About Jennifer Reyes

Jennifer was at the forefront of Industrial Artificial Intelligence research and product development before clients even realised they needed this technology. She forged a path whereby her small start-up in Perth now has distribution through 8 countries internationally and some of the biggest companies in the world as her clients. Demonstrating incredible personal strength, determination and perseverance, Jennifer juggled the requirements of being a new mother, dealing with the rigours of treatment (and its significant side-effects) for advanced stage cancer with progressing the needs of a new start-up. Jennifer’s business (VROC) hires a very diverse team and at one stage even had a completely female development team. With skills in this new technology difficult to come by, Jennifer has mentored and trained graduates from local universities, recent migrants to Australia, as well as local students and professionals. Jennifer is an inspirational role-model to all.

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