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Within the ASC-W Engineering Department, Heather is one of five female technical staff amongst a department of 50 and is highly respected for her knowledge, technical capability, unrelenting perseverance and resilience throughout the business by consistently rolling up her sleeves and getting things done. Heather is often seen resolving conflicts and handling difficult and stressful situations with remarkable patience and admirable tact. She actively volunteers as the HSEQ representative and as a Fire Warden. Heather is a champion and quality advocate of STEM projects (i.e. Subs in Schools program) impressing on fellow members of ASC-W the importance of the program and how it aligns with the future needs of our business. Heather utilises her experience in the Graduate program by supporting and guiding the next generation of graduates. Her patience, kindness and superior technical knowledge ensures that graduates at ASC are successful. Heather focuses on supporting all graduates but goes above and beyond to ensure our female graduates are nurtured and supported as their introduction to our business can sometimes be difficult in such a male-dominated environment.

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