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  • Tech [+] 20 Winner 2019

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About Eun-Jung Holden

Professor Eun-Jung Holden received her BSc, MSc and PhD in computer science from the University of Western Australia. Her postgraduate and postdoctoral research focused on developing visualisation and automated pattern recognition techniques for hand gestures. She made a transition to geoscience in 2006, and has been developing advanced data analytics methods and tools to assist the extraction of geological information/knowledge from diverse types of data used by geoscientists, which ranges from regional scale spatial data to drill hole and other mine scale geodata. Some of her research outcomes were widely disseminated as software tools through commercialisation or public domain software release. She is currently leading the UWA-Rio Tinto Iron Ore data fusion projects which aim to achieve machine-assisted modelling of geology/resource through transformational and interpretive data science solutions.

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