Elaine Holmes

Computational medicine


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  • Tech [+] 20 Winner 2019

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About Elaine Holmes

Elaine Holmes is a Premier’s Fellow and Professor of Computational Medicine in Murdoch University having recently moved from Imperial College London where she headed the Division of Computational and Systems Medicine. Her main research area focuses on applying metabolic profiling and computational modelling of biological samples to understand pathological and physiological processes. She has applied the technology in several clinical and biomedical areas including Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes, Infection, Gastrointestinal Disease, Early life environment and neurodegeneration. She co-developed the concept of the metabolome-wide association study and is a founder director of Melico, a startup company operating in the personalised nutrition space. She has won several awards including the Royal Society of Chemistry Interdisciplinary Award and Lifetime membership of the Metabolomics Society.

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