Divya Dayalamurthy

Cybersecurity Advisor | Public Speaking | Mentoring
Divya Dayalamurthy


  • 2018 Nominee |
  • 2021 Nominee

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About Divya Dayalamurthy

Being a woman in cybersecurity, knowing the skill shortage and challenges for women, Divya delivers mentoring program for the National Associations of Women in Operations (NAWO) for improving personal skill development, striking balance between work-family. Cybersecurity Lead at Arc Infrastructure, specializing in a range of areas from technical initiatives to security analysis, providing inputs on cybersecurity projects. Divya has a Masters in Computer and Network Security from Edith Cowan University and a Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communications. Divya understands Cybersecurity is not just technology but also requires awareness among her employees, family. Divya is responsible to run a cybersecurity awareness program for Arc Infrastructure’s six regions across Western Australia, she believes awareness and cybersecurity resilience should start from home on personal security.

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