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About Danielle Meyrick

As a chemist, soon to be doctor of medicine, and Chief Scientist with GenesisCare Theranostics, Danielle is passionate about accessible, affordable, progressive and compassionate medicine. She inspires others with her determination, skill, intelligence, compassion and most of all empathy for others and her general approach to life. She established the radiopharmaceutical chemistry program for radionuclide therapy for neuroendocrine tumours in Western Australia, thus facilitating the first access for patients in Australia to this novel therapy, a milestone for the field. Whilst at UWA, she established the radiopharmaceutical chemistry research program and radiopharmaceutical syllabus as part of the Masters of Pharmacy. More recently, Danielle has been instrumental in establishing novel therapeutic nuclear oncology services in sites across Australia as Principal Radiochemist and Chief Scientist for Theranotics Australia. Through her international relationships, she has paved the way for the international referral of patients with metastatic prostate cancer to Pretoria, South Africa for therapeutic intervention not yet available in Australia. At the same time, she is working to establish the above intervention in Australia through GensesisCare, thus allowing the first access to Australian patients with cancer. She is co-investigator on two multi-centre landmark clinical trials in the emerging medical field of nuclear oncology and spearheads the growth and development of the theranostic paradigm domestically and internationally. With a strong commitment to giving back to her profession, she has served on councils and committees for the Australian Institute of Nuclear Science and Engineering, ANSTO, and the Western Australian Curriculum Council and Theranostics International Scientific Advisory Board, to name a few. Danielle has contributed to projects ranging from fundamental chemistry, extractive metallurgy through to nuclear oncology. She also has co-developed a sodium-ion battery technology solution with fellow Murdoch University colleague with the potential to provide cost-effective storage for sustainable energy technologies such as solar and wind power. She has a specific interest in inspiring young scientists (e.g. addressing graduands at Monash Science School, Melbourne) and she has mentored young women through the Smith Family mentoring program and continues to mentor young girls, boys, men and women informally.

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