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  • 2018 Nominee

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About Chelsea Williams

Chelsea has led a diverse career, spanning Academic Research, Engineering, Product Management, and Innovation. The theme of Chelsea’s career has been helping people transform their work leveraging innovative methods and technologies. An example of Chelsea’s determination has been the development and adoption of a mobile application to assist frontline staff at South32’s operations. She also established teams at South32’s Worsley operation for innovative robotics, and work planning solutions, and has led many organisational firsts, such as utilising DevOps, Continuous Delivery, and Design Thinking. The robotics team are now using various robotic technologies to completely remove personnel from many high-risk activities. Some quirky examples of Chelsea’s leadership are, using a Lord of the Rings themed futurespective to help the team anticipate the road ahead, giving “cat meme” awards to a person who has shown tenacity in solving a problem, and mentoring high school students to consider STEM at the Innovator’s Tea Party. Overall, Chelsea is a passionate leader who excels at building high performing teams by empowering team members to maintain a focus on learning, development and coaching.

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