Chathu Jayawardena

Passionate Recruitment Consultant and a STEAM Advocate
Chathu Jayawardena


  • 2021 Nominee

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About Chathu Jayawardena

Chathu moved to Australia for studies in 2001, learning how to speak a second language and technology at the same time was not easy, but she passed her degree with honours. She worked in housekeeping to pay off her student loan.

After many job rejections in IT, she found her first job in IT Recruitment. She had two redundancies during her 12-year career. She considered them as redirections.

Coupled with a Bachelor of Science in IT and a Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology, Chathu now works as an Account Manager for Peoplebank, one of the largest IT Recruitment Companies in Australia.

She works tirelessly to increase the diversity in the tech industry by offering more opportunities for female candidates and graduates.

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