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About Camille Woodthorpe

As an avid futurist Camille is passionate about frontier technologies, and VR/AR is her current area of speciality. She believes there is tremendous potential in these technologies and is dedicated to focussing her career on these opportunities and the benefits that they can impart on the world. She was the lead developer on a world-first consumer VR experience experience for the first aid industry for the medical industry, designed to reduce pain and anxiety in patients, and worked on VR safety training for WA’s mine workers amongst other innovative projects designed to improve the world we live in. Camille is a strong advocate for mentoring in STEM, actively pursuing opportunities to mentor others and striving to raise interest and awareness in STEM. She was a mentor and Diversity Project manager at CoderDojo WA, setting up coding clubs in female-only schools and researching initiatives which could be taken to attract and retain young females to the world of coding. She has also been a regular volunteer STEM mentor for ‘The Innovators Tea Party.’ Camille actively pursues speaking opportunities with an overall aim to raise awareness and excitement about fields such as VR and Games Development. She believes STEM will drive our future and intends to continue sharing its potential with the younger generation, role-modelling how women can excel in technical positions.

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