Anuradha Bhowmick

Making difference through entrepreneurship and innovation
Anuradha Bhowmick
  • 2023 Nominee

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About Anuradha Bhowmick

Nearly eight years ago, Anu relocated to Australia, armed with a global career spanning 12 years within renowned tech organizations, Anu’s decision was underpinned by a confident belief that this move would enhance her professional trajectory. However, her astute research illuminated a disconcerting reality—the persistent underrepresentation of women in STEM roles and the enduring gender pay gap.

Anu’s own career had flourished, characterized by her recognized technical prowess and adherence to industry standards in remuneration. Anu resolved to become an agent of change, championing the cause of women and youth in STEM education and careers.

In a dialogue with Refinery 29, Anu elucidated her belief that relevance and an innovative mindset are the bedrocks for professional success.

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