Anle-Marne Pretorius

Pioneering Polymath Powerhouse Transforming the Industry
Anle-Marne Pretorius
  • 2019 Nominee |
  • 2021 Nominee |
  • 2023 Winner |
  • Sales, Marketing & Business Support 2023 - SHINING STAR

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About Anle-Marne Pretorius

Anle is a resilient and innovative force in the tech sector, renowned for delivering transformative digital solutions. Amidst personal challenges, she remains steadfast, balancing family commitments with leading her team to new heights. An advocate for diversity, Anle fosters a culture of acceptance and growth.

Recognised for her leadership, she holds the vice chairwoman position for AIIA. She guides future tech leaders as a mentor, carving a path for the next generation. Anle’s story is an inspiring blend of personal resilience and professional acumen, marking her a compelling technological role model.

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