Alana Em

Leader Educator Facilitator
Alana Em


  • 2020 Nominee |
  • 2021 Nominee

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About Alana Em

A highly accomplished educator leading technological change across the State through her TDS/Digitech Coordinator role, and Head of Technologies and Science. [Alana]( focuses on the development of creating the best possible student outcomes through technology. Working closely with students developing fine-grain coding and supporting the extension of all students, her impact on student achievement is evidenced by student results.

Alana works tirelessly developing student and colleague ICT capabilities. She participates in podcasts, volunteering, panel discussions and delivers professional development for colleagues, supporting their confidence and efficacy within the technologies curriculum. The result, a staff cohort delivering high calibre technology education and integration of technology recognised by Google Education and the Department of Education as a reference point for others.

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