Aarti Chabria

Versatile Creative Luminary
Aarti Chabria
  • 2023 Nominee

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About Aarti Chabria

Aarti Chabria is a versatile figure, renowned as an actor, filmmaker, entrepreneur, and tech enthusiast. With keen insight into technology’s role in entertainment, she seamlessly blends her talents for a unique impact. Aarti’s journey began in acting, earning acclaim and a devoted fan base. Transitioning to filmmaking, she mastered producing, directing, shooting, and editing her content.

Beyond film, Aarti’s entrepreneurial spirit led her to website design and Victorious Mind Power, a platform where she serves as a visionary spiritual strategist. Her diverse talents and tech savviness make her a true trailblazer, leaving an impression in entertainment, entrepreneurship, and technology.

“Aarti’s guiding principle is to enrich the world through her distinctive skillset and empowered voice, striving to contribute meaningful value to society.”

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