WiTWA Tech [+] Conference

November 9, 2023 @

Date: Thursday, 9 November 2023
Time: 8:30am – 5:30pm (TBC)
Venue: Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre (PCEC)

The much-awaited WiTWA Tech [+] Conference is coming this November, But that’s not all! This year’s event is extra special as WiTWA is turning 25! So we’re celebrating a quarter-century of tech innovation, inspiration, and empowerment.

Get ready to be inspired by top-notch speakers, explore the power of diverse innovation, and engaging discussions at the WiTWA Tech [+] Conference. 

Get out those bold coloured power suits and statement piece outfits that make you feel confident, spread the word, and join us in making this milestone event a memorable one. Stay tuned for more updates, surprises, and announcements coming your way.

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The Power of Diverse Innovation

Join us on a journey of discovering the profound benefits that come from embracing gender diversity, along with diversity in ethnicity, age, and backgrounds. Together, we’ll explore how this inclusive approach enhances our ability to solve problems, fuels creativity, and ultimately yields better results and healthier workplaces.

Topic #1: Celebrating WiTWA’s 25th birthday! Let’s looking back on how far we’ve come.

We will explore how women can boost their own power and step up as leaders. Join us as we sit down for a conversation with some incredible women who’ve used their influence to drive change and keep advocating for equality, especially in the tech world in WA.  A celebration of the progress we’ve made!

Topic #2: The power of storytelling.

Storytelling has always been an integral part of humanity and communities, serving as a powerful tool for communication and knowledge sharing. By integrating storytelling principles into a tech diverse world, innovators and creators can bridge the gap between complex concepts and user understanding, making technology more accessible and engaging for all audiences.

Topic #3: What do the next 25 years of innovative, diverse technology look like?

Let’s delve into how historical biases are shaping our future, the current landscape of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the tech field, and how we can individually contribute to reshaping the path ahead. Join us to uncover how the past influences the present and what actions we can take to steer the future in a more positive direction.

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