WiTWA is...

WiTWA is a Perth-based, not for profit organisation providing a framework for women in technology to extend their network and expand their knowledge on a broad range of professional topics. We endorse open conversation and debate. New faces are always welcome. Our supporters, both women and men, encourage women and young people to choose careers in science, technology, engineering and innovation. We want to encourage all young people  to consider technology as a stimulating and viable profession and support them in that pursuit. We also want to raise the status of women in Australian business and in the technology industries. Join us, we have a lot going on and we would love to have you be a part of it.

Mission Statement, goals and projects

Our mission is to encourage business change to accommodate diversity and provide a network of support for women in technology, science and innovation. Aside from events and advocating for greater diversity in technology and innovation, we also strive to inspire school students into technology careers through our techtrails school incursion program. This program has been running since 2010 and has influenced hundreds of school children in Perth and the regional centres. 

Meet our WiTWA Committee Members

Pia Turcinov - WiTWA Co-Chair (techtrails STEM Program)
Director, Mystral Enterprises. Pia is a qualified Australian legal practitioner, company director, entrepreneur, commercialisation advisor and experienced enterprise manager with a deep understanding of innovation and business processes. Pia shares her expertise as a consultant, mentor, facilitator and public speaker on topics relating to innovation, entrepreneurship, commercialisation, collaboration and capacity building across and within enterprises.  As an innovation strategist and business facilitator, Pia delivers supply chain facilitation services to small and medium enterprises under the Federal Government’s Entrepreneurs’ Programme, and takes a very active role as a collaborator and connections broker within the Australian innovation ecosystem. Pia holds a number of board and director positions.

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Daniela Mattheys - WiTWA Co-Chair (Industry & Networking events)
Director, Edoceo Futures. Daniela is a skilled industry specialist and recognised thought leader with over 25 years of experience in industry, business innovation and public policy development. Prior to establishing herself as a strategic consultant Daniela spent 10 years in the state public sector, overseeing a broad spectrum of industry and economic development programs, including in the areas of Digital Economy, Technology, Innovation, Marine and Defence and Oil and Gas Services. As Industry Skills Advisor, Daniela is currently also delivering the federal Government Industry Skills Fund in WA which seeks to grow sustainable businesses by building a highly skilled workforce around business growth opportunities and rapid technological change. 

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Sheryl Frame - WiTWA Deputy Chair & Industry Affiliations
Director, EDICT International Consultants. Sheryl has been a strategic business consultant for over 30 years and currently works as a Commercialisation Adviser for Accelerating Commercialisation – an element of the Entrepreneurs' Programme, a federal government initiative. With many years experience working with innovative technology-based businesses, Sheryl has helped take products and services to market.  Having held numerous senior management and board-positions in Australia and overseas, her extensive in-depth technology, marketing, strategic planning and business skills have underpinned her success in advising, guiding and mentoring innovation and commercialisation a wide range of early-stage companies.

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Diana Adorno, WiTWA Website & Social Media
Principal Consultant, Experience Designer & Researcher, ThoughtWorks. 
Diana is a designer, researcher and strategist who produces digital products using an Agile and Lean approach. She continually experiments with different aspects of the design process to reveal intuitive, feasible designs as well as the transformation for people and organisations. She supports diversity in thought, action and creed.  Diana supports diversity in every aspect of life and culture.

Anitra Robertson, WiTWA Secretary
Chief Operating Officer, Surgical Realities. Leveraging today's advancements in technology, Anitra has partnered with leading universities to establish evidence-based applications of virtual and augmented reality in medical training and patient care.  With a keen interest in the human perceptual system, Anitra recently completed a post graduate diploma in Science (psychology) at the University of Western Australia.  Before launching Surgical Realities, Anitra managed change and communications projects with mining company Rio Tinto for 12 years. This included the introduction of autonomous trucks and drilling technology into Pilbara mining operations as part of Rio Tinto's Mine of the Future®.

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Kay Hargreaves, WiTWA Volunteer Coordinator
Managing Director, Colleagues Information Solutions. Kay specialises in transforming the way organisations collect, manage, use and apply data. With over 30 years working and consulting experience in digital data, Kay is passionate about technology and uses her natural enthusiasm for continuous improvement and her technical experience to help organisations gain a competitive advantage through innovation. Kay encourages people to question normality and promotes collaboration to generate new ideas that improve productivity and lead organisations towards high performance.

Maree Morrell, WITWA Treasurer
Cyber Forensics and Information Security Student. Maree has extensive accounts experience having worked for over 20 years in both the petrochemical industry in NZ and the engineering industry in Western Australia. She volunteered on her local P&C for ten years, during which time she gained experience in retail management and customer service. She is currently working towards an IT degree majoring in Cyber Forensics and Information Security at Murdoch University. As a mentor at her local Coderdojo, she strongly believes in the value of teaching young people to move beyond simply using technology, to utilising it as a tool to create their future. Maree is a passionate advocate for diversity and inclusion both at University and through her involvement with WITWA.