The WA Brain Gain: attracting the world’s brightest minds …and keeping them?

With expertise in subjects ranging from bioscience to archeology, can we keep these bright minds in Perth?

The five-strong group of PhD and post-doctoral researchers on our panel on Tuesday 16 October were uniformly eloquent, engaging and inspiring.

So too was the building currently housing them and our panel event, the delightful Forrest Hall, the home of the Forrest Research Foundation

Our panelists were:

Ranging from bioscience to archeology, their chosen topics might be baffling to most of us on paper. But as each of the researchers explained their topics and added their personal brands of contagious enthusiasm, it was hard NOT to get equally excited about things we knew almost nothing about previously, like power distribution, sawfish and animal representations in rock art. 

Skilfully facilitated by Events sub-committee member Tracey Naidoo, the audience had the opportunity to delve deeper into the experiences of panel, including what brought them to their STEM careers. All described a curiosity or fascination, often beginning in childhood, with their chosen areas. 

We hope the Australian government is proactive in making it possible for these incredible minds to stay in Perth so they can continue to add immense value, as they are now. 

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